User Interface designer

My name is Martin Silva and my goal is making user’s interactions
as simple and efficient as possible, creating usable and understandable interfaces through visual design.

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About me

Martín Silva

Martín Silva

B.A. Graphic Design

Hello!. I'm Martín Silva a web designer living in MVD, Uruguay.

I have fun making usable and functional designs that help people to communicate their business more and better. It includes starting from scratch, analyze ideas, concepts, explore UX to its implementation in whichever technology the idea requires, as Html, Flash, Silverlight, etc.

I have the pleasure to work at Infragistics where I mix my duties between visual design and Xaml implementations (Silverlight & WPF), and where I learn from some of the most talented people on a daily basis.

In my spare time I read about design, startups, entrepreneurs, and tech.


  • Zillertal

    Interface Design / FLASH / AS & XML

  • Rexona Uruguay

    Interface Design / FLASH / AS & XML

  • Veranopolis - Conaprole

    Interface Design

Martín Silva

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